What We’re About

In the cannabis industry, every business could use a helping hand. We offer resources that can make those crucial connections happen.

Cannabis Business Organization is dedicated to meeting the needs of the legal cannabis industry.  We provide members access to the best resources and guidance in all stages of their new and existing ventures, including opportunities to connect with consumers and other businesses.  Membership gives stakeholders more time to focus on the actual day-to-day tasks while strategically moving their company forward.

How We’re Different From The Rest

The Cannabis Business Organization helps stakeholders successfully develop and sustain their ventures.  Through collectivism and collaboration with companies inside and outside the industry, we provide a hub for networking and resources.  CBO focuses on micro and macro level functions including support for small everyday needs as well as big picture strategy.  Throughout the business life cycle, having a place to go for an outside perspective, brainstorm a new idea or get direction to find the right solutions could make a significant difference in both short and long term success. We are an organic organization with members who are genuinely interested in the achievement of others and strongly believe “it takes a village”.  Does this organizational culture fit you?  If so, join us today!